Chimp on a Bike cover all the best classic rock and blues performing songs from ZZ Top, The Cult, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Deep Purple, AC/DC , Led Zep and Van Halen to name a few... and a couple of more modern classics mixed in for good measure. With an emphasis on accuracy and plenty of volume & energy to match, you can rock out to all your favorite songs the way we all remember them. Expect a couple of surprises thrown in just for the hell of it and guitar solos so sharp you could cut your hand on them!

Recent Reviews

"Yeah, definitely probably the best cover band I've ever seen" - random drunk guy, Upton Upon Severn

"They're all very young, are you you sure they play all that old stuff?" - Everyone, everywhere (the answer is "YES")

"No, seriously, they look like strategically shaved monkeys with instruments shoved in their hands" - Pub Landlord, Gloucester

"They keep making all my items fall off the shelves, I have to go round the morning after picking everything up again, but they're so good I don't mind really" - Lady who owns the shop above where we practice

Gloucestershire, England